Research & Legislation

Malawi Health Sector Strategic Plan

The 2011-2016 Malawi Health Sector Strategic Plan is an important document outlining many of the goals and strategies for the development of the Public Health Institute of Malawi.

Additional Malawi Public Health Resources

The Malawi Ministry of Health

The Malawi Ministry of Health headquarters is located in Lilongwe. The Ministry of Health seeks to “achieve health for all Malawians by delivering health services and and disseminating health information to the general public.” The MOH carries out this vision by providing clinical care at major health centers in the three major regions of Malawi. Additionally, the MOH provides nursing, pharmaceutical, preventative health, and community health services to help prevent, treat, and cure disease across the country. The Public Health Institute of Malawi is currently located at the Community Health Sciences Unit of the MOH in Lilongwe.

Mental Health Malawi

A service of the Malawi College of Medicine in Blantyre, the Mental Health Malawi website provides resources on mental health activities and research in Malawi, including publications and information on mental health conferences. The site also provides a forum to discussion mental health issues affecting the country.

World Health Organisation Malawi Country Office

The World Health Organization is committed to promoting health in Malawi, through collaboration between the government and other partners to deliver health programmes. As described on their website, these programs include disease control, health systems, and support services. The strategic plans and goals of WHO Malawi can be found here.